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What Teachers Have to Say...
"ArtsAround has made me see the importance of integration when teaching the Arts, Music, Dance, and Drama cannot exist in a vacuum and works best when there is an overlap between the disciplines." - Derek Daoust
"ArtsAround gives a unique opportunity for students at all elementary grade levels to learn and appreciate the Arts as never before. It allows the opportunity to differentiate instruction to best suit the needs of each class or, if desired, each student." - Michael Stechey
"ArtAround has shown me that drama, dance and music are not stand alone subjects. The integrated approach allows the students to explore topics on a deeper level." - Kelly Stevens
"ArtsAround has changed my approach to teaching the Arts because it has allowed me to teach in a holistic fashion, teaching to the various learning styles and interests of students."  - Martina Pavic
"ArtsAround provides teacher with a broad and specific range of information for teaching the Arts curriculum." - Lois Mercanti