Brrrr... Canada is cold AND Amazing!

Explore parts of Canada with a cup of cocoa and a a warm blanket from your couch! Click the links below to check out some amazing live cam footage (and highlight reels) from across the country. Visit to take a tour around the world and see what other ecosystems are thriving. Happy Travels!

Bison Watering Hole in Val Marie, Saskatchewan, Canada

Rubbing Beach at Orca Lookout in Hanson Island, British Columbia, Canada

Polar Bears Cape at Wapusk National Park in Manitoba, Canada

Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Sea Lion Beach at OrcaLab in Hanson Island, British Columbia, Canada

Cape West Camera – Churchill Cam, Wapusk National Park

Canada is Cold: Amazing Ways Humans and Animals Survive Our Harsh Winters

The Spread Love & Kindness Challenge

Happy February, folks! Hey, we have a lot of winter behind us, and we are still getting sunshine and bright skies. The odd snowy day is manageable. We finally caught a break! This month, often referred to as the ‘month for spreading love,’ is sending Cupid your way to share some random acts of kindness. Showing that, in spite of what the newspapers want us to believe, our world has many loving people who perform acts of unconditional love and kindness everyday.

Your challenge this month is to find one small act of kindness every single day in the month of February. Be it or make a point to see it. Keep ideas small and simple. Brainstorm with your students (or child at home) and start your list! Examples: do one nice thing for your sibling without expecting anything in return; find out who in your neighbourhood lives alone and would appreciate a valentine in their mailbox on Valentine’s Day; walk your neighbour’s dog or take out their garbage as a pleasant surprise for them… Simple, thoughtful gestures!

Assign every student one nice story, demonstrating an act of kindness, that they can research online at home to share with their class. Then, take the time for one child to be featured every morning to set a loving tone for the day. Happy current events stories! Here are two real life stories to share with your kids that is clearly a kind act, filled with unconditional love.

WOMAN FINDS INJURED DOG ALONE ON A MOUNTAIN: Read the amazing story of Tia and Boomer here or Watch this YouTube video!

Before you show this video, discuss how people can get lost in worry and traumas that happened to them in the past. Some people who saw a lot of sadness have difficulty getting these tragic thoughts out of their minds. When that happens, doctors refer to that as PTSD. Explain this condition before little ones see this YouTube. This is a good time to talk to kids about being worriers, anxious, fearful, or depressed. February is also the month where those nasty feelings arise. Cold winter days and missed loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Help your kids deal with their feelings. Show them deep breathing techniques to calm and work on mindfulness meditations this month when you can. That in itself, is an act of love and kindness!

"Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect.
It means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections!"

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