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Musical Moods for Films

Grade 4: Music Lessons # 9 & 10

Pure Imagination

What you need for this lesson:

cusd optional icon The students to watch several videos on a Monitor, Computer, TV, Smartboard or any device which allows you to project YouTube videos.
cusd optional icon percussion & Orff instruments.
cusd optional icon the Crazy Rhythm Cards.
cusd optional icon word cards: Roald Dahl; musical comedy; Gary Guttman; Gene Wilder; film scoring; melody; harmony; rhythm; illusion; orchestration.
cusd optional icon an iPad, cell phone or school camera if you want to film.
cusd optional icon to display the Candy Man & Pure Imagination lyrics on a screen.
cusd optional icon The Candy Man & Pure Imagination sheet music (optional)
cusd optional icon a magician’s hat (optional)

Lesson Plan and Resources


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