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 Wellness for All (WFA) is being offered to individual teachers AND school communities. Training teachers how to implement specific physical, emotional and social activities integrated into daily programming will provide greater gains for the students and everyone participating. WFA is striving to support staffs with a way to promote well rounded, happy, fulfilled school communities…starting in Kindergarten. It doesn’t get much better than that folks. We don’t survive - we thrive!


Wellness for All offers digital, self-directed workshops each month about how to

incorporate daily life habits that make a positive difference to your overall wellness.


Who benefits from practicing WFA strategies?

Individual teachers and students benefit tremendously by integrating new daily habits for 10-15 minutes each day. A common urban myth purports that somehow you can magically change an old habit in 30 days. WFA likes to provide you with current research that provides you with accurate findings:  How Long Does It Actually Take to Form a New Habit? (Backed by Science) by James Clear. 


What will you get? WFA 1

Monthly Self-Directed Workshops. Once you begin to realize that these value-packed WFA Workshops that occur once a month online are packed with great research articles, YouTube videos, classroom management ideas & activities, you’ll also see how perfect they are as personal & professional development experiences too. Best yet, they can be reached digitally 24/7, during prep time or whenever it is convenient for each staff member involved.


How much time is needed?

It takes approximately 1-1½ hours each month to learn & digest the new monthly activities & research provided. Set aside only 10 minutes each day of the month to implement these new, healthier daily habits & feel the shift in energy within yourself, the students in your classroom, & the entire school.


What to expect?

Anyone involved will benefit from the brain breaks, meditations, affirmations, fun new practices & so much more. Stress levels will be reduced; teacher attendance levels improve; safe brain break zones can be set up in classrooms & Office areas to deal with students who are: emotional, having a bad day or needing to get out of class. Children will learn to self-regulate & calm down quickly.




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What will the process involve?


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Children reduce test taking anxiety and increase their confidence with the stress reducing techniques of deep breathing and positive statements. Using stress management techniques can improve test performance and soothe worries or calm the overactive, overwhelmed student…and teacher. Each positive statement is specific to calming typical concerns so that your children can perform to the best of their ability. Children will enjoy breathing, repeating affirmations, and relaxing to music. Affirmations are a powerful tool for reprogramming your subconscious mind into different thought processes that support you and your desired outcome. Throughout our day we tend to say negative phrases over and over in our mind. Most of the time we are not even aware of this bad life habit: mindfulness helps with self-regulating negative thoughts.


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 Journal Writing:

Teaching appropriate steps so these affirmations become daily life habits. Daily practice of printing your favorite affirmation in your journal promotes the use of journals as a window into your sacred side. You will teach how to write a journal, what to include and how you make it a reference guide for positive picker uppers. Students will learn to cherish them and keep their journals to re-read for years to come……


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 Goal Setting Mindfulness & Meditations YOGA Self-Regulation Brain Energizers & Soothing Activities:

Brain Gym is a program of 26 physical movements that enhance learning & performance in all areas. You will receive a digital version of the Brain Gym Training Guide, made possible through Wellness for All & Brain Gym. Understanding ways to write goals that give you a feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment through S.M.A.R.T goals.




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 Evidence Based Assessment:

Assessments are very important to the WFA Strategy. How will you know who has improved? You need to get an idea where the students were before they started, during the process and at the end. Assessment provides evidence- based results. You are assessing how physically active your students are and if they use any self-regulation strategies already. WFA’s Assessments will provide you with tests with directions from Grades 1-8. Informal assessing is done in Kindergarten (FDK) through observation and record keeping.


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 Making Space: Meditations and Mindfulness:

In our fast paced, harried world, building in the habits of deep breathing, calming yourself and monitoring your own actions is a truly important part to any wellness program. Some may prefer yoga or stretching. You will be introduced to several calming strategies and soothing activities for those agitated, emotional moments which will allow you to re-direct your energy to a calmer place. Inspirational stories and YouTube videos will be included in this section of the training program.


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 Getting Energized or Calming Down:

In this section participants will work on brain games and gains and mental workouts. It is here that a physical fitness plan will be developed where you would decide how to customize it to fit your needs. Brain Gym and its 26 movements will be taught through YouTube videos and your digital Brain Gym book. Each participant will receive a digital copy of the Brain Gym book for referencing. The digital version is a $20.00 value if shipped to Canada as a hard copy: easy-to-learn with scientifically proven results.


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 Healthier Living Choices:

The information from this section will appear throughout the training workshops focusing on eating better and monitoring specific transitional ‘trigger’ times during your day. Being aware of bad habits through mindfulness practices, addictive tendencies (smoking, over eating/drinking, constant stress, too much screen time, dehydration, lack of sleep etc.) will be replaced by suggestions and recommendations from experts in their field and current research.


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How will you know if you or who you are teaching the WFA skills to will show progress? You need to get an idea where you and anyone you are working with were: before they started WFA, during the process, and at the end of the WFA training. Assessment provides evidence-based results. You are assessing physical activity, adjusting transitional triggers, self-regulating, or monitoring strategies. Remember however, the improvement is based on regularly including the practices recommended on a DAILY basis. Expect slower progress if your plan is hit and miss: as in one day on, one day off. You will be coached when to administer the tests provided through WFA.


“Learning never exhausts the mind.” Leonardo Da Vinci



Wellness For All Workshops coming in January 2018!

Stay Tuned for Updates