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A Note from Pat about Drama Topics

Hello AITs,

I understand that the impact of some of the themes in Drama may have been somewhat disturbing to some of you. I totally get it, but I cannot change these real-life issues so that your lesson is comfortable, with right or wrong answers. Because that is not what Drama is about. It is often dark and messy (when it isn’t fun and comical). The conversations you are having with your kids right now may be the only time, kids’ opinions, voices, and choices are accepted. Going deeper with your emotions and understanding about why there is suffering in the world IS the MOST important reason for Drama.

I know it is as much a learning curve for you, as it is for your students, but listen here and see if what I address soothes your doubts and does what Drama does best.

“It teaches you to suspend your disbelief and believe in the process!”

I will walk it with you the whole way. When in doubt, give me a shout! I am happy to talk you off the ledge 😊 Be kind and patient with yourself. You are expanding your mindset and previous beliefs!

Please listen to the audio included below, and know that I am happy to answer any questions sent to

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