April Showers, Bring May Flowers!

By April, spring has finally sprung, and if we’re lucky, the weather will reflect that! Spring flowers have started to bloom, the days are getting longer, and winter's chill is fading away. We hope that your sky is bright and clear and your grass is growing green. In celebration, we have hidden some Easter eggs on this page. Find the egg and click for a surprise!

Hey Folks!

This year we switched things up a bit and left Sharing Dance, our National Ballet partner, just long enough to get our Dance Movement Project. (DMP) up and running in every school. Imagine what an impact this project can make from a long-range perspective. Do it right this year and there is payback for years to come!

Look, if you haven’t started, it is never too late.  PLEASE do not let this slip away. Schools need to own the arts when you are not present. This is such an easy way to KEEP kids moving. If you do not introduce this, you rob them of this privilege. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to those of you who rose to this challenge. Please drop me a line and let me know how things are going!

Not only do kids in every grade get daily fun DPA, but all teachers are also working on the choregraphed dance that you can finally enjoy together outside, in the playground-even without masks in June. What a reason to celebrate as an entire school community!

So amazing in times of hardship we can unite to make something so beautiful. To all those musicians that brought a minute of peace and solitude, We stand with Ukraine. 💙💛

Rain has such fun in April, it patters through the trees
Talking to all the leaf buds and robins that it sees
It splashes through the puddles and skips along the walks
Goes coasting down the grass blades and dandelion stalks
It dips in all the flowers and when the clouds blow by
It paints with flower colors a rainbow in the sky.
-Author Unknown

Did You Know!?!

What is the meaning of the word April?

To Open

Where was the Last Supper held?


What is the flower of Easter?


Which famous rabbit is associated with Easter?

Peter Cottontail

Why is it good to plant seeds in spring?

The once frozen ground becomes softer and absorbs more water to yield plants