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ArtsAround Shares: A Challenge for AITs

November has always seemed to me to be the month where time slows down. Too cool to sit in the yard most days. Too soon to Christmas bake or shop. Too cold to swim and too soon for wrapping presents. Perfect time to put away the summer/fall outdoor furniture and to burrow in -just like the backyard animals. This article is calling us to “Practice the Gift of Time.” November is the perfect month to start this practice. What a great idea! Time to deliberately slow down to honour the important people in our lives. And best of all -it is available for all ages, and it is FREE! Talk to your students about how they can make a practice to honour 2-3 people each month, (ok maybe not during busy December) and make this a new monthly practice. This one gesture alone can bring you (and the recipient) better health!  The best present ever to both give and receive!

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Practice the Gift of Time

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Posted Oct 12 2022