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ArtsAround Shares: Practicing Self-Care in the Classroom

Teachers, we know you have been working harder than ever – a lot of it was using up a lot of energy with worry and feeling stressed, because you were unsure about school starting this year. Soon you will need to communicate with parents, adapting your curriculum, and following ever-changing guidelines. It is important though to carve out time for self-care, even when it seems impossible. Returning to the classroom can leave you feeling tired and burnt out, for both you and your students. Here we have compiled some resources. Virtual teachers can gain some insights here to for virtual learners at home.

Take a Break!

It is important to schedule time for yourself. This time is paramount to taking care of yourself and can be as simple as a breathing exercise. Try this 5-Minute Breathing exercise.

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Found on the Web: Teachers Pay Teachers has shared this interesting resource to use for your classroom. Get some inspiration for keeping your students energized with these brain break and activity prompts. Adapt for your classroom, use for online learning, or get families involved at home! Download here

Mindfulness and Meditation: Not sure where to start? These resources from Happify can help.

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Talk to each other!

Sharing your own experiences and ideas with other educators builds a more collaborative atmosphere in your schools. Communicate with each other to connect, and ultimately to improve the quality of instruction you can offer to your students. You would be surprised how many others are faced with the same challenges.

“Teachers, your biggest resource is each other. Talk to other teachers! It is nice to hear what other teachers are doing in their classrooms. Is there a way you can collaborate? More than likely, you will find they are facing the same challenges. Simply talking to each other can make a huge difference. Start today!”

from Patricia Gough, founder of ArtsAround


Did you know that the power of smiling can elevate your emotional wellbeing! Try it – at home, in the classroom, even in the car! This is an easy one for you and your students 🙂

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Do ANYTHING you enjoy!

When you’re not in the classroom, the choices are limitless! Dance. Run. Draw. Sing. Take a walk. Look at the clouds. Read a book or magazine. Do something kind for someone. Colour. Bake. Create something! Call someone. Do whatever makes YOU happy.


Most importantly, be kind to yourself.

This is a great message to not only tell your students, but to also practice yourself. Sing along “Be kind to yourself. Be kind to yourself.”

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