Happy Holidays!

Cookies and cakes and spices... When it starts to smell like Christmas, it’s hard not to get into the spirit. This month brings with it snow (for many), family, feasts, and fun. But remember to enjoy some hot cocoa (Don't forget the marshmallows!) during this winter month, and relax when you can.


Dates to Remember!

Winter Break is Coming


What Reminds You of Christmas

A holly wreath hung on the door,
or presents strewn across the floor,
Tall Christmas tree with baubles bright,
Which fills our hearts with such delight.
Carols sung out in the snow,
A Snowman built with eyes aglow,
Crackers pulled, a song to sing,
Candles lit, and bells that ring.
Roasted turkey, which tastes divine,
Rich fruit cake, with an iced design,
No, the most important reminder of all,
Is the birth of a babe in an Ox's stall.

- Ernestine Northover

Just for Laughs!


Hover to reveal the answer!

Who’s Santa’s favorite cartoon character?

Chimney Cricket.

What do you call Santa when he stops moving?

Santa Pause.

What do you get when you cross a Christmas tree with an apple?

A Pineapple!

Where does Santa keep all his money?

At the local snow bank.

What do you get when you cross a Christmas tree with an apple?

A Pineapple!

Holiday Edition

Random Acts of Kindness Challenge


Tell jokes to make someone laugh

Have you tried out the ones from Santa above? They'll make you JOLLY!


Donate to your local food pantry

Other donation ideas: coats, mittens, even your time! Help a neighbour!


Smile at everyone you see today

A smile can go a long way to brighter another person's day, and yours!

Downloads for your home & classroom

Christmas Activities for Families: Happy Hooligans!



Interactive "Why Christmas"

Full of Christmas fun, traditions around the world, and The Christmas Story

Log Fire & Carols

Turn on this toasty fire, and listen to these classic carols (2:00:00)

9 Festive Christmas Ideas for Kids

Create lasting memories for the little ones and get them involved in simple festive activities

LIVE Watering Hole Cam

Watch as bison and other animals visit the hole for a refreshing drink (or dip!) near Val Marie, Saskatchewan.


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