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Embracing the New Year: Five Approaches to Goal-Setting and Growth in the Classroom

Hey AITs!

I’m sharing another great article from John Spencer to bring in the New Year. This is a must-read! 

John Spencer writes:

“The start of the new year is a great opportunity to reflect on your goals, set new goals, and focus on building momentum moving forward. Some people love the notion of New Year’s Resolutions and they use this time to set goals and design structured plans. For others, it’s more of a time to reset after the Holidays and make small healthy changes. You see this with the notion of a Dry January. Still others use this time to reflect on how the previous year is going and to choose a “one word” mantra for the year. But others prefer to take a “snailed it” approach where they continue to working on the things they love without considering the role of time. For them, a new year is merely an arbitrary date.

As teachers, we will have students who are in all of these different mindsets as well. So, I’d like to share five different approaches we might use with students.”