. . .to all Admin, Teachers, Support Staff and Parents!

Hats off to all of you who became first responders, during this worldwide crisis, whether you wanted it or not! You too, are the ones who suffered because of lack of information ON TIME, daily changes, AND… in the beginning, VIRTUAL CHAOS! Those in schools, were also stressed, and confused about taking measures to ‘stay well!’

YET, you still did it! You managed, you laughed, you cried, you stressed – BUT you SURVIVED!! Your ArtsAround Team is GRATEFUL TO EVERYONE who kept the arts alive for the sake of the kids. No year required kids to ‘forget reality, pretend, play, sing, dance, draw and laugh,’ more than this year! You offered your students that every time you taught the arts. You went deeper and touched their souls!

Looking at ways to pay tribute to you, we decided that John Spencer says it best! Your ONLY goal, after this year that will go down in history, is to do what John suggests… Finding Rest and Renewal After Such a Difficult Year! He says it well, and he offers good advice when he says, “TEACHERS YOU HAVE DONE ENOUGH! Enjoy a summer vacation filled with… RELAXATION, LAUGHS, BEVERAGES, FAMILY VISITS FINALLY and so much more!

Happy Summer Break!

ArtsAround Founder & Director


 Your Friendly ArtsAround Techie 🙂

Summer Break is Coming