Hello March!


Looking forward to blue skies and sunshine? March brings with it the promise of gardening and warm(er), sunny days, as Earth turns its frostbitten cheek to winter and springs forth from the vernal equinox.


Hello Fellow Colleagues! 

Welcome to (almost) Spring! Bring it!


March Break is right around the corner – and that means sunny, warm days are ahead. Let’s look to Spring as the BEST time to renew and rejoice in the sunshine that is sure to come! Just enjoy your up and coming break!

Of course, you already know that everything I think, know, and believe, is that much of the world is based on how we use ways to integrate learning into our curriculum, ourselves, our lives, and eventually our souls. So below, I am offering you different ways to enjoy and embrace Spring. Share these with your school’s classroom teachers, or your students to further explore at home. Any age can be part of these activities. Use parts or sections or the whole enchilada! Any subject can be integrated into them. Be tame, be careful, or go wild! You decide!

For K Classes: Your K kids are having fun, I hope, working through the many themes this year. What is up and coming is Community Helpers followed by fun Spring Activities.

For ATW Primary: You will be working your way through Ireland (be sure to align the lessons to the new March dates so the kids are enjoying St. Patrick’s Day on the week of the actual date). New Orleans will follow. Hard to believe that both Mardi Gras Parades and St. Patrick’s Day Parades have been cancelled…except in your schools! Celebrate!

For Junior & Intermediate Classes: Dance is winding down with Lyrical Dance, followed by a Flash Mob type of dance from the National Ballet that has nothing to do with ballet. The experience you will be involved in with this organization is called SHARING DANCE. This a wonderful choreographic dance that you will be teaching to your kids that is fun and invites family members and anyone you want to invite to this fun experience. Just send them the link provided soon. Please do anything you can to make this an annual family event!

To All Grades: Please support the Sharing Dance videos I am about to introduce to you in the next few weeks. ArtsAround has partnered with this prestigious Dance Company because of their honoured presence in Canadian Arts. Also, because the choreographed routines are fun, and easy to implement, when you follow the step-by-step break-down. Feel free to do part of the dance, some of it, or all of it. When your kids do not get it, just let them freestyle through that part. This is a movement ArtsAround strongly believes in and we ask that you look at and act on the ‘global aspect of integrating this experience into a school community’. Much more to follow. Stay tuned and be ready to go! Welcome Spring!

Countdown till Spring!


Goodbye, Winter!
Spring is in the air.
Flowers are in bloom.
You see colours everywhere.
Birds build their nest
In branches way up high.
But out my window, that loud bird
Woke me up again…sigh!
– Becky Spence


Dates to Remember


Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be

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