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Monthly FAQs: November

Hello AITs, 

Thanks for stopping by this month’s Q & A session. Please do not hesitate to reach out and submit a question you may have about ArtsAround lessons. We are happy to help! Check back for more. 

Q: How do I have time to fit in assessing every student?

A: Good question. There is no way you can assess every student in 2-3 classes. However, it is important that you make time in each class for assessment. Here’s how. If you have 28 kids and you know there are 10 lessons, if you want to make sure you see all 28 kids divided over 8 lessons = 3-4 kids per lesson. Since there are 10 lessons, that gives you time to use the last two lessons to just choose those kids you think may be weak or are in trouble. Be sure your Assessment Binder indicates every class, and you create an order to keep track of who you missed. Also, there is direct observation while kids are in scenes, working in groups or with a partner. Stand back and watch the whole class. You can gain a lot by observing. But do not forget to tell those kids who are weak what they need to do to improve. If you can’t get to it, call them out of class while you are in your planning time for a quick coaching session.

If you want to know what lessons are coming, then press on the Teacher Guide and Information title and you will see two documents, one is titled Short Range Plan which you need to give or email to your Principal and the other is Integrated Drama Themes which tells you the title of every lesson that is up and coming, in Drama, which you should give to every classroom teacher. That is because you are encouraging them to use these titles to integrate with their own lessons. There is one of each of these for every grade from K to 8.

If you only breezed through the Teacher Guide before you started, go back and really look at it now. It also sheds some light on what is taught in Drama, gives you professional readings including more rubrics. Just focus on the Drama section for now. Work your way slowly through just the Drama section of the Teacher Guide. Get familiar with terms and the difference between Drama and Theatre, too. I will have this posted under News and update you with ‘what to look for’ every few weeks, so do not forget to check out the News section at the ArtsAround website every two weeks.

Q: How often should I be looking at the ArtsAround website?

A: I suggest you take 5-15 minutes out of one planning time per week, to see what you may have missed. All articles are dated so that is an indicator. Sometime Nicole cues you in the lesson to go and look at such and such article, too. For me, I have a list with titles I read so I see quickly what I have missed.

Q: Will we be doing Dance soon?

A: Yes, in Junior and Intermediate grades, those classes will have 2 -3 Dance lessons before Christmas, and at least 3 more after Christmas so you will have both Drama and Dance to report in February. Keep in mind that if you only have 3 Dance classes in December, you must assess 24 divided by 3 = 8 kids per class to see everyone once before Christmas. In case the Elements of Dance lesson does not come first, be sure you see the Rubrics in the Elements of Dance lesson for each grade, so you know WHAT to assess. It helps if you get your helpers to make all the cards you need for each grade, outlined in Elements of Dance Rubric. This will help you be prepared when you return in January. Go to Pop Ups & PD: Prep for Dance Lessons

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