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Pop Ups & PD

Hello AITs,

ArtsAround will be offering Pop-Ups & P.D. depending on what is critical to make the AA program be as successful as possible. These workshops will be decided by the ArtsAround Director of Programming from the content in the FAQs, the Superintendent’s needs, furthering your professional development experience, and specific needs of the AITs. However, you are also invited to participate. This is your chance to speak up if you are worrying or troubled about something and want a specific topic or concept in education handled. We are all ears and willing to do whatever it is you need. Do NOT suffer in silence! Anything you think is a big problem, might just need a tweak. If there is a need for us to jump on Virtual Call to go over anything that is not working or that is giving you grief, just ask. Do not forget to ask questions as we will answer you directly, and post your questions or submit them to the Support Team. Much can be gained by asking lots of questions.

Otherwise, every month ArtsAround will add Professional Development Workshop topics that seem to be needed, unless you participate in the process and send me topics you would like covered or any ‘how to’s. Please help us make this experience the most authentic, by communicating with us about your needs. Be sure to check the AA site to find out what is being offered on a monthly basis. In case you are wondering why your ArtsAround Team wants you to feel comfortable to ask for what you want, the answer is below!

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