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Prepping for Dance Lessons

Transitioning from Drama to Dance is an easy shift but it will be helpful if you organize ahead what you need to get ready before Dance begins. First, become familiar with the BASTE Principle. See below.

The Elements of Dance: Use the BASTE Principle

Ask: WHO? DOES WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? HOW? Answer: A dancer moves through space and time with energy B.A.S.T.E. BODY ACTION SPACE TIME ENERGY

Print this chart and keep it in the Dance Lesson section of your ArtsAround Binder. In one glance, this chart displays great fingertip info. You will refer to it often.

Elements of Dance Chart

Next, become familiar with the Fundamental Concepts of Dance Charts that outline what skills you will be teaching in each grade. You will refer to these charts often. Print each one. All grades have links below

To keep this simple, I will explain what to do to prepare for Dance by finding 1-2 helpers to organize each grade for you by printing dance term words onto index cards.  When you show your helpers what to do in Grade 4, they would just repeat the same process for Grades 5-8. Each grade has its own Fundamental Concepts: Elements of Dance Chart. Make sure you have medium size brown envelopes, lots of index cards, markers, and paper clips. Your helper(s) must know how to form clearly printed letters. Show them the size of letter you want.  

See the Fundamental Elements of Dance Chart included. Print each one and add them to your binder. You will be delighted you got this out of the way. A real-life savour as Dance continues into the New Year. As you come across the Elements of Dance Rubrics in the lessons, be sure you print them for your binder, too. Those indicate what skills to assess. You can assess several students at a time on one chart, so set that up ahead of time too. Getting organized before Dance starts makes your life easier. That’s why you are receiving this now. If you do not have helpers, I am sure a classroom teacher could loan you hers or his.

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