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The Importance of Educators Right Now

Video by Trevor Muir

Happy November AITs: It is hard to believe that you tackled one of the hardest subjects to teach-DRAMA- as the first of three subject areas in ArtsAround. For some of you, Drama is soon coming to an end: around the beginning of December. Watch for info and messages about how to make your transition to Dance much easier by checking the ArtsAround website often.

For many of you, you accepted this ArtsAround position, not realizing what you were getting into or what innovative, robust lessons, you would be expected to teach. Other than the info at the AA website which is quite extensive, and one Zoom meeting which was mostly about ‘Getting Acquainted with Maneuvering the AA Website’ by Nicole Gibson, Tech Coordinator, I know you have been delivering lessons to the best of your ability. I just wanted to say, ‘Thank you’ and to let you know how much you are appreciated. I know this year has been difficult at many levels but be kind and forgiving to yourself. Take a bow. You deserve it! As time goes on, if you stick with ArtsAround and practice more about ‘going deeper’ in every class, and you will find it gets easier and more fulfilling. The best advice I can offer you is to make sure you spend time prepping before you walk into an AA classroom. The burden or heaviness will lift tremendously just by doing that. Dance is usually easier for most AITs to teach, but still requires you to actively participate on and off, while finding a nice balance that is sustainable for you.

Trevor Muir is an innovative teacher that I have introduced you to, already. I respect his teaching style and choices. In this video, he outlines why educators are so important now-more than ever. And I couldn’t agree more. He says so poetically, that I will let Trevor do the speaking for me. Take 4 minutes for this. 

One of the lines in ArtsAround’s vision is,” to create a culturally rich, positive school community, and celebrate their accomplishments.” One of your responsibilities is to help build a culturally sound school community that continues the days you are not in the building. Connecting with the classroom teachers certainly helps build a solid relationship and demonstrates that you are extending your hand in collaboration. One goal is to get your teachers integrating with some of the ArtsAround topics. Why not send Trevor’s ‘The Importance of Educators Right Now’ video that I just sent to you, letting your teachers know that you are truly grateful when you work together integrating subjects and life lessons. Hopefully, you were touched by the sentiment in this video, from a fellow teacher who understands how difficult COVID has mad life in schools today. And it ain’t over yet. So why not thank your colleagues for any help and support they have extended to you. Do not forget to watch for information about transitioning to Dance on the AA website too.

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