April Showers, Bring May Flowers!

By April, spring has finally sprung, and if we’re lucky, the weather will reflect that! We hope that your sky is bright and clear and your grass is growing green. In celebration, we have hidden some Easter eggs on this page. Find the egg and click for a surprise!

SHARING DANCE REMINDER: I hope you school is buzzing with plans and rehearsing with the choreography that is now released from SHARING DANCE! Please support this worthwhile cause from Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS). Have an ongoing space chosen in the school yard, at every recess, with Sharing Dance Captains running rehearsals for any kids who want to join in. Provide kids who enjoy dance to shine, as they learn the choreography first and teach it to 1-2 classes 3 times each week. Don’t forget to invite parents to ‘get moving ‘too! A great way to build a strong sense of community! Celebrate, celebrate – dance to the music!

Did You Know!?!

What is the meaning of the word April?

To Open

Where was the Last Supper held?


What is the flower of Easter?


Which famous rabbit is associated with Easter?

Peter Cottontail

Why is it good to plant seeds in spring?

The once frozen ground becomes softer and absorbs more water to yield plants

Dates to Remember

(Click the dates to learn more!)

Rain has such fun in April, it patters through the trees
Talking to all the leaf buds and robins that it sees
It splashes through the puddles and skips along the walks
Goes coasting down the grass blades and dandelion stalks
It dips in all the flowers and when the clouds blow by
It paints with flower colors a rainbow in the sky.

-Author Unknown

Sharing is Caring! www.artsaround.ca/april

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