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ArtsAround Protocol for Getting Help

to Remember!

1. First, look at the monthly FAQs to see if a solution to your problem has already been posted. They can be found in the Resources section.

2. If there is not a helpful solution, please send an email to both AND (or use the form below!) It is important to cc both emails for the quickest response to your inquiry – or use the form below and we will automatically notify all AA team members. We aim to answer within one hour to 24 hours during the school week.

Access the Getting Help Protocols, Tutorial Videos, and Support Contact Information at – save this link and access it at anytime, even if you can’t remember your password!

3. Our team will respond and provide a direction that should lead you to your solution. Please follow that direction. If that does not work, and you are still stuck, call Pat Gough at 905-902-3302 to brainstorm together.

4. IF Pat can’t solve it, only then will she contact the Superintendent, who will get in touch with you about a solution and/or what the next steps will be.

5. Be sure to get into the practice of checking the ArtsAround website, at least once a day, when you are not working on lessons. Great new tidbits and pop ups will appear. Many professional development opportunities can be found in your Teacher Guide, and at the many links you see at the website!

ArtsAround Videos

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How-To: Using ArtsAround

Once you have logged into the ArtsAround website, welcome to your Dashboard: a place where you will access lessons, see updates from the ArtsAround Team, and read the latest resources in the Library.

This video shows you: the step-by-step process of logging into your account; how to reset your password; how to access the Resources library; where you can access lessons on your Dashboard.

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How-To: Accessing Lessons + Features

Navigating lessons is straight forward – find your grade and get started! Lessons are provided in PDF format, to be used digitally or printed. Mark lessons complete as you work through them to keep track, and even use the built-in note taking system or add to My Favourite for later.

This video shows you: how to open and the layout of a lesson; using Notes in lessons and accessing your collection; using My Favourites to save lessons and articles for later.

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