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October’s ‘School Full of Stars’ News (Updated)

Hopefully, this note provides you with inspiration in creating a ‘school full of stars’ action plan that we are collectively working towards in all HWCDSB schools this year and for years to come. We learned about the Four Levels of Consciousness (Peter Sage) during our September PA day workshop, where we operate from four levels which are ‘to us/by us/through us/ as us.’ In every school, staffs operate from different levels of consciousness.   

Trevor Muir is a teacher who believes that teachers need to ‘Make Learning Epic’.   However, you will see him honestly admit how difficult that can be with so many different personalities involved. I invite you to watch this short video where he openly discusses the Reality of School Staff Conflict.

I think this may resonate with you. Proof that you must ‘deal to heal.’

Perhaps you might consider posting your thoughts, recommendations, or questions in your ArtsAround Chat Room, (without using names of teachers and schools when posting) about your response to this video and/or how you can help one another develop a school community filled with students loving to celebrate each other at fun-filled assemblies: a school full of stars!

To keep this theme alive, consider the following questions.

1. Have you sent ALL Short- or Long-Range Plans to your principals?

2. Have you sent an email to your Kindergarten, Primary, Junior, Intermediate teachers indicating what your ArtsAround lesson topics are for the month of October so they can integrate them into their classroom learning too? Please continue to communicate with them, monthly.

3. Have you met with your principals and informed him/her of creating a ‘school full of stars’ through fun-filled actively engaged assemblies, celebrating each others’ talents?

4. Have you taken appropriate inventory of the state of your instruments? If there are issues, please address this with your principals. This includes finding a safe space for storage.

5. Have you realized to deliver this Carl Orff approach to integrated arts you must have students using pitched instruments (xylophones, keyboard, ukuleles) and non-pitched percussion as often as you can. An activity to embrace.

Please use these questions as a roadmap for success in developing the ‘school full of stars’ action plan. Please email Mary Tabone with your results or questions.  Please chat to one another so you can celebrate your successes too. And most of all, remember our motto:

“It’s not in numbers but in unity, that our great strength lies!”            Thomas Paine

Keep on, keeping on ‘A Team’! Although you may not be in a school every day, you can impact a child’s life forever by leaving behind a culture where children ‘cultivate, create, and celebrate!