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Part 2: Building A Culturally Engaged School Community Plan

If we truly believe the following, then we need to read through this message with an open mind and heart, determining, how you will you put this into action?

“A Trailblazer is a pioneer, somebody who’s willing to take risks and go in a path that isn’t already there. They blaze a trail and leave a path for others.”

In ArtsAround, we have a plan, and we know where we are going! It’s just so much easier to walk that path together!

Welcome to a new month, with new strategies.

Researching what others are saying about ‘cultivating a ‘Cultivating a Culturally Responsive Classroom Community.” Let’s look at Scholastic EDU:

Student Voice and Choice: Culturally responsive teaching incorporates and connects students’ interests and experiences to our learning objectives. Centering student voice and choice not only engages students; it also shows that their perspectives and input matter.

Man, what a great approach!